Baccarat is a classic table game and while it might seem quite alien right now, it’s easy to play once you get the hang of it and it can also be profitable. You will generally be playing up against the dealer and occasionally other players on baccarat, it is your job to figure out what the best hand on the board is and bet on it accordingly.

Image result for How to play Baccarat onlineTwo cards are dealt with both the player(s) and the banker, one card will be face up and one face down. Keep in mind that in baccarat, the tens and the face cards are worth 0, with the ace being worth 1 and the rest is their face value. If a hand is 8 or 9, it has won the game right off the bat. If the player is 7 or under, they might choose to draw a third card. The hand that is closest to 8 or 9 will win but you do not have to put your money in your hand. If you feel like the banker has a better hand than you, it is possible to bet on it and still win. Baccarat can be complicated at first so watch it play out in real casinos or online to get a better feel for the game.

Baccarat tips:

  • The banker will always have a slight edge, so you should always bet on him unless you know yourself or another player in the game has a great hand.
  • If you find that a streak is occurring with the banker, keep betting on them. A streak will not last forever but it’s a good idea to keep capitalising on this while it’s still going well.
  • If the banker starts to lose, stop playing and just watch for a little while. A lot can be learnt from this so keep doing it when you need to.