Poker has been around for centuries and the most popular type of poker is no doubt, Texas Hold’em. This has graced casinos for many years with exciting cash games and nail-biting tournaments that leave players on the edge of their seat. The online world is no different and poker is offered among several different legit websites. If you want to know how to play Texas Hold’em online, you first need to know the basic rules of the game and they are as follows.

Image result for How to play Texas Hold'em onlineEvery player is dealt two cards, face down so only they can see them. These are your hole cards and then a round of betting takes place to the left of the dealer. Players can bet, check or fold depending on their quality of cards. The flop (first three cards to be put face up in the middle), the turn (fourth card) and the river (fifth card) determine how good a hand you have, and you can bet after each reveal. An AA hand might turn out to be useless depending on the cards in the middle of the table, which is why it’s important to make a big raise initially with these kinds of hands.

With the opportunity to make three of a kind, a full house and even a royal flush, the opportunities with poker are endless. You can also bluff the other players into thinking you have a good hand by raising a large amount in hopes of them folding, with you, therefore, winning the pot. That is indeed where the expression “poker face” comes from.

Playing poker online is so fun because you are up against real players just like you. It’s such an exciting environment and poker requires a lot more skill than other casino games online. Keep practicing at Texas Hold’em, perhaps sticking to the smaller limits first and increasing these as you get better at the game.