Roulette online is the same that it is in a busy casino and it’s just as fun to participate in. Let’s look at the basic rulImage result for Find a casino onlinees of roulette and certain strategies you might want to implement for the game.

How to play roulette online

With roulette, there is a big wheel and a ball. Once the wheel is spun, wherever the ball eventually settles is the winning number. There is a total of 36 numbers on a roulette wheel, plus zero. They are all coloured in red and black respectively, with zero coloured in green. You have the option to make an outside bet (red/black, odd/even) or an inside bet, which is going to be a number. Betting red or black gives you an almost 50 percent chance of winning when you consider zero where the ball can also land.

With an outside bet, you will double your money if you win but an inside bet can see you win big cash. If you were to bet a fiver on your lucky number and it came up, you would win £180! The rules of roulette couldn’t be simpler, and you can always wash a live roulette game take place so that you get a better idea of how to play before you bet for yourself.

Tips for online roulette

Many people have certain strategies when playing online roulette, they are known to have varying results because the game is luck based but they can be helpful. If you are to implement a strategy when playing roulette, I recommend the Martingale system, so you will need a decent system to start with. The system involves starting with a small outside bet. If you bet black and it comes up red, you would stick to black but double the amount you are betting. Keep this routine up and you can’t go wrong.